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I have a Bachelor of Science from a private college, Ambassador University, Pasadena, CA and took many Nutrition and Human Anatomy classes. I have pursued my passion and continued my education in health and fitness. I have trained many clients and helped them reach their goals. I participated in a National Competition, America Fitness and an NPC Figure Show in Culver City, CA. I grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee and lived in Texas, California, New York, Maine, New Mexico and now Florida. I have learned that staying active and eating clean keeps me healthy and full of energy.
She offers reasonable rates for her expertise and service. Flexible payment methods are available. 

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-America Fitness Competition—Albuquerque, NM
Results start when you do. I will help you get where you want to go...remember, it’s my job to make you sweat.
I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for over 10 years. Sports and Fitness has been my life since I was very young. I was a Collegiate Cheerleader and on the Gymnastics Exhibition Team. I have participated and coached many sports such as basketball, volleyball, track and swimming as well as cheerleading. Dance has gging, line-dancing and participated on a hip-hop dance team.


-NPC Figure Show—Culver City, California
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As a certified personal fitness trainer, Charlene Melear, trains out of Winter Park Health and Fitness. You get full use of an exercise facility with no gym membership required. 
Body Building Competitions: 
Above all, Charlene Melear provides you with motivation, positive reinforcement and emotional support with no judgment. 
Charlene Melear has an extensive background in the field of health, fitness, and personal training... and satisfied clients who show results. 


-Certified Personal Trainer
    ~Charlene "Chacha" Melear
Charlene Melear, known as Chacha, has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to safely guide you through an exercise program. Whether it involves weight training, cardiovascular fitness, or nutritional planning it is in a positive, supportive environment.